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betel nut

The nut-like seed of the Areca palm (Areca catechu), typically wrapped in betel leaves and with added flavouring, including lime, clove, cardamom, and catechu, which is chewed from India to New Guinea for its mild stimulant effect.
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Four common variants of supari (areca nut alone), paan masala and gutka were procured from kiosks and hawkers near schools and in the local market.
Areca nut in pathogenesis of oral submucous fibrosis: revisited.
"The advertisement also violates Indian laws on surrogate advertisement," said Arora, adding that the areca nuts used in Pan Bahar were scientifically proven to cause cancer.
Caption: Figure 2 The characteristic stained mouth from chewing on paan (betal leaf, areca nut, commonly combined with tobacco)
A previous animal study has indicated the influence of areca nut extract (ANE) on male reproduction.
Wei, "Study of the effect of areca nut on gastric motility in rat," Hunan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, vol.
The Piper betle leaves, areca nuts and lime powder were used ceremonially in traditional India.
The areca nut (Areca catechu) is considered as the main etiologic factor causing OSMF, it generates free radicals and causes local immunosuppression.
After more than 15 years of the FTA, Sri Lanka's largest export item to India is areca nut. If the FTA with India was working as it should, nobody would object to further expanding economic cooperation with our neighbor.
Rural beauty Inside, scenes from rural Bengal have been recreated with goddess Saraswati teaching children from books, Kartik instructing them in archery and Ganesha playing the sitar u all of this made from supari ( areca nut) tree's bark.
(14) However, as Ibn Battuta's encounters with betel and areca nut indicate, not all food plants moved as part of grand human migrations or civilisational expansions or were transferred with the full corpus of cultural information, tradition or symbolism associated with their places of origin.
Indians consume tobacco in several forms apart from cigarettes, including "gutka" -- a cheap, mass-produced mix of tobacco, crushed areca nut and other ingredients -- and hand-rolled sticks called 'beedis'.