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Philip Astley, archivist at Aberdeen City Council, and some of the photos and records found at the harbour
This meant that the archivists' role in managing records, appraising records, and selecting those that are deemed worthy to be keep forever became incredibly difficult.
Archivists are currently working with three pilot agencies - the Texas Historical Commission, the Office of the Attorney General and the Railroad Commission - to get their electronic records from the late 1990s and early 2000s on the digital archive.
In 2016, an international archives congress will be held in the Philippines that will feature archivists from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) who will talk about the best practices on archiving in the region.
She is a member of the Northwestern Ontario Archivists' Association and the board of directors of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society.
Practicing archivists are likely to find these chapters to be the most lacking, but archival arrangement and description are difficult to explain concisely and the chapters do provide an accessible entry point into the subjects despite their shortcomings.
The administration's role in the departure of the archivists is "despicable," he said.
The collaborative gathering also illuminated common interests and goals that Baptist librarians, archivists, and historians share.
This grouping delves into some of the most difficult concerns for archivists and researchers alike.
As a result, archivists are working to develop tools and best practices for acquiring, preserving, and providing access to these complicated formats in an effort to ensure that modern society does not lose a large swath of its documentary heritage.
WORCESTER - Seventeen immigrants to the Worcester area will soon have their voices and stories enshrined in the Library of Congress and the Worcester Historical Museum as part of a recent collaboration between New England Archivists and StoryCorps, a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with National Public Radio.
The cuts will affect local archivists working in communities and dioceses.

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