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Etymology: Gk, architekton, master builder
the basic structure of a computer, including the memory, central processing unit, and input/output devices.


The form and manner in which a computer system and its components interact.

Vox populi
The shape or organisation of a structure or process.


n in medicine and dentistry, usually refers to the framework of a structure or system.
architecture, gingival,
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The objective is to develop "just enough" architecture to implement these capabilities and not deliver an overly developed, but poorly focused architecture product.
Traditional SAN architectures require significant acquisition and deployment investments, thanks to their monolithic, tightly integrated design.
2 The Nielsen Media Research database, with a quarter-trillion rows, leverages Sun's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Reference Architecture, which is based on the highly scalable analytical engine, Sybase(R) IQ(TM) 12.
Early on, the architectural development team saw the need to link their model to the larger Enterprise Architecture of NOAA--also being developed and modeled using the Metis software.
Feminism secures its place on architecture's map with two other major releases: Architecture and Feminism and The Architect: Reconstructing Her Practice.
Richard Rogers is one of its most articulate protagonists: `The creation of an architecture which incorporates the new technologies entails breaking away from the platonic idea of a static world, expressed by the perfect finite object to which nothing can be added or taken away, a concept which has dominated architecture since its beginning.
The Power Architecture community represents one of the most experienced and diverse system design communities in the world.
The majority of architecture producers in the DoD are either government civilians or contractors.
Retail: Occasionally connected computing architectures do not just apply to mobile applications.
The SDK contains driver development code, InfiniBand Architecture Verbs implementation, application examples, and debug/development tools, enabling customers to develop InfiniBand systems based on the reference software.
Detailed in a paper, "A 512 GOPS Stream Processor for Signal, Image and Video Processing," being presented at this year's International Solid State Circuits Conference, SPI's Stream Processor[TM] Architecture combines unmatched levels of DSP performance with a simple and efficient C programming model.
Multiple layers of resilience: Traditional architectures focus on eliminating single points of failure within a chassis-restricted system.

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