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Etymology: Gk, architekton, master builder
the basic structure of a computer, including the memory, central processing unit, and input/output devices.


The form and manner in which a computer system and its components interact.

Vox populi
The shape or organisation of a structure or process.


n in medicine and dentistry, usually refers to the framework of a structure or system.
architecture, gingival,
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Oravec argued that the underlying and preexisting architectural works had been effectively registered when he obtained his PGS registration.
The owner of a copyright in an architectural work can prevent someone else from copying his work.
Architectural work was done by Sydness Architects, and the concrete work was by Hickman Structures.
SOFTIMAGE|XSI has an entire palette of lighting and material effects, making it particularly conducive to architectural work.
Baker's analysis of the sketchbooks and the early architectural work is exemplary.
We think this change will bring more architectural work to the architects and so more learning by doing opportunities for our students.
Michael Zinganel made a second project as an artwork with coloured blocks, changes to the facades, and a special fountain, but once the architectural work was done, the virtue of leaving it empty was understood.
Users of Bentley software solutions engage in some of the finest engineering and architectural work in the world.
From the 1970s onwards, South Africa's increasing international isolation was experienced more tangibly, and architectural work became increasingly dissociated from any synthesising, life-supporting vision of collective life.
We waited to release the product until all of the fundamental architectural work and months of testing created a rock solid product that can be applied across numerous industries," said Brian Jacobsen, CEO of CombineNet, Inc.
And every great architectural work has its unique silence.
The concept for the Lexington-based startup was born out of Hornstein's architectural work and understanding that clients have difficulty putting their personal taste (aesthetic) preferences into words.

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