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(ar'ki-ser'ĕ-bel'ŭm), [TA]
The small, phylogenetically oldest portion of the cerebellum, sometimes called the vestibulocerebellum because its afferents arise primarily from the vestibular ganglion and nuclei; in mammals, it is represented by four subdivisions of the cerebellum: nodulus, uvula vermis, flocculus, and lingula of cerebellum.
Synonym(s): archaeocerebellum
[archi- + L. cerebellum]
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The phylogenically oldest part of the cerebellum, which regulates balance and eye movements.

Anatomic components
Flocculonodular lobe and adjacent vermis.

• Vestibular input from semicircular canals and vestibular nuclei;
• Visual input from superior colliculi and visual cortex via pontine nuclei, forming a cortico-ponto-cerebellar pathway.

To medial and lateral vestibular nuclei.

Cause disturbances of balance and gait.
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