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an anatomic structure with branches resembling a tree.
bronchial tree the bronchi and their branching structures; see color plates.
tracheobronchial tree the trachea, bronchi, and their branching structures; see color plates.
Anatomy Any branching structure—e.g., bronchial tree, vascular tree
Botany A perennial woody plant having a main trunk and usually a distinct crown
Evidence-based medicine A diagram of an algorithm for a particular process
Evolutionary biology A schematic which demonstrates the relatedness of organisms
Genetics A diagram with branches in descending lines showing relationships as to lineage

Patient discussion about tree

Q. Could i be allergic to trees? I have a lot of olive trees in my neighborhood and I have been told that olive trees are highly allergic.

A. Thanks a lot Brandon. I'll try your tip

Q. if someone is allergic to olive trees, does that mean they are allergic to olive oil as well?

A. I asked him, and he said he has no prob with olive oil.
Dinner was spectacular if i may add :)

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arboreus induced an increase in MF and IF throughout the treatment period, though in a nonsignificant (p < 0.05) manner compared to the distilled water-treated animals (Table 2 and Figures 3 and 4).
arboreus, which is a representative carabid species in many habitats on Mt.
chayamansa) con niveles de PC superiores al 20% y DIVMS superior al 70%, tambien utilizadas para consumo humano, sobresalen tambien dos especies de moraceas: la Morera (Morus sp), una especie de Ficus (Amate), dos malvaceas como la Amapola (Malvaviscus arboreus), el Clavelon (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), y tres especies de la familia Asteraceae: Chilca (Senecio sp), Tora blanca (Verbesina turbacensis) y (V.
Himatanthus X1827 3912 Breteler (018951) articulatus X3701 PE 67 ARALIACEAE Dendropanax X3645 PE 11 arboreus X6776 878 Marcano Berti Schefflera X3665 PE 31 morototoni X3729 PE 95 BIGNONIACEAE Handroanthus X3670 PE 36 serrati- folius Jacaranda X3674 PE 40 copaia Jacaranda cf.
Characteristic trees were Brosimum alicastrum, Sideroxylon cartilagineum, Coussapoa purpusii, Hura polyandra, Guarea glabra, Dendropanax arboreus, and Populus guzmanantlensis (Schnell et al., 2008b).
March-May and plantation islets October-November throughout the study area Tetraclinis July-October 5 (Oula de Ziyane articulata and El Kifane forests) Cytisus arboreus February-April 4 (Malal, Ain Aouka and Lavandula forests and Nkia) stoechas Primus dulcis February-April 3 (Ain hamra), 4 (Aknoul), and 2 (Ajdir) Table 3.
Consumo y digestibilidad de la materia seca y del nitrogeno del follaje de morera (Morus sp.) y amapola (Malvabiscus arboreus) en cabras lactantes.
longipes are confined around Mt Elgon where these are known to feed on the rock hyrax, Procavia johnstoni Thomas, the tree hyrax, Dendrohyrax arboreus Smith, and the giant rat Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse, which are the known reservoirs for L.