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Relating to or derived from various species of Acacia having a gummy or resinous exudate.
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Since the fall of Saddam's regime in 2003, thousands of displaced Kurdish families and others returned to Kirkuk and other Arabicized regions to reclaim their homes and lands, which were and are occupied by Arabs from central and southern Iraq.
Jewish settlement in Saada could be as old as the Torah, where Saada and Sanaa, the rabbi says, are mentioned in their Judaic names, respectively "Diglo" and "Ozol," or the Arabicized "Azal.
31) To accommodate this influx of foreign terms into the language, these scholars established three basic rules to guide them: 1) if a term had an Arabic equivalent, then the Arabic term was used; 2) if no equivalent Arabic term existed, the word was Arabicized by imbuing it with certain morphological characteristics; and 3) if neither of these two options proved effective, then the term was transliterated and left with its foreign attributes.
Since North Africa was slowly Arabicized over many centuries, the Arabic language became the lingua franca and this resulted in it being viewed as an extension of the Arab world.
30) Under this system, Arabicized Sudanese, who also profess Islam, are favored in the allocation of both political and economic resources.
And it is easier to dream peacefully while listening to Arabicized ambient sounds than while thinking about the current political situation.