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Relating to or derived from various species of Acacia having a gummy or resinous exudate.
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539/1144) cites many verses with Persian vocabulary in his dictionary of Arabicized foreign words, al-Mu'arrab min al-kalam al-a'jami 'aia huruf al-mu'jam.
As was the case with European colonialism, these minority ethnic groups argue, the allocation of resources in today's Sudan is carried out along "racist lines." (30) Under this system, Arabicized Sudanese, who also profess Islam, are favored in the allocation of both political and economic resources.
And it is easier to dream peacefully while listening to Arabicized ambient sounds than while thinking about the current political situation.
The Saharan populations of Egypt, Libya, and Sudan are mostly Arabicized, though it seems that the sedentary rural populations of the Nile Valley have not received external genetic inputs since the stabilization through unification of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in the times of the pharaohs.
University professors are given intensive courses in the Arabic language in order to use it as a medium of instruction.(64) In the South, where English used to be the medium of instruction, elementary and secondary students and their teachers are being sent on open-ended "vacations" to learn Arabic and become able to use it as a medium of instruction.(65) Even the University of Juba, which has mostly Southerners, has been Arabicized.(66) Except for one girls school, all private schools were forced to Arabicize their curricula.
However, most Kurds may speak their own language, they are |either half or wholly arabicized, that is they feel they belong now to the local Arab culture.'(3) The Kurds had been subjected to national oppression in Turkey, Iraq and Iran.
Using the AN II diagnostic system, the theological misorientation disorder--defined as the belief in, allegiance to, or practice of a theology, religion-related ideology or any aspects thereof that are incongruous with (a) Africentricity meaning African-centeredness as social theory, (b) African history, and (c) traditional, centered African asili or deep structure of culture--can explain the former Arabicized behavior dressed up as Islamic religion.
They use various allegations; for example, "the intention to break the unity of Syria." The sector of education is also being Arabicized. In Kurdish areas, the number of schools is limited and the Kurdish language, which is regarded as a foreign one, is strictly prohibited in schools and higher educational institutions, even in oral form.
The word zindiq is the Arabicized form of the Middle Persian word zandik (followers of Zand).
The Husraw i Kawadan ud Redag-e includes a mention: anargil ka abag sakar xwarend pad hindug anargil xwanend ud pad parsig goz i hindug xwanend "the coconut when they eat it with sugar, which in Indian they call anargil and in Persian goz i hindug, the Indian nut." (59) Goz i hindug is also Arabicized to jawz hindi.
Observing the varying degrees of psychological misorientation makes clear how alien consciousness such as Americanized, Arabicized and Europeanized ones does not co-exist with African consciousness, but actually displaces and diminishes it.