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Relating to or derived from various species of Acacia having a gummy or resinous exudate.
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The main problem in the translation of technical terminology into Arabic in MTC as an example of comprehensive multilingual resources of technical terminology lies in using translation, Arabicisation, and Arabic-expanding techniques inconsistently either within the same translation situation (in providing more than one translation for a standard technical term) or between similar translation situations (in using different translation strategies for similar technical terms).
In many of these studies, however, there is an overlap between concepts of translation, Arabization, Arabicisation, and Arabic-expanding techniques (linguistically known as word-formation processes).
"Localisation and Arabicisation are essential if international players are to reach a mass market in the Middle East.
Al Zayani added that the Ministerial Council would discuss the resolutions of committee meetings, and views of the consultative authority on translations, arabicisation, Arabic language, alternative energy, global warming and the climate change.
There has been a trend of Arabicisation in the past couple of years, said William Shintani, Executive Director and Head of Operations at FutureBrand.