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Relating to or derived from various species of Acacia having a gummy or resinous exudate.
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The decision to offer Arabic language courses at state institutes was taken by the cabinet on August 22.
The Bel Arabi hashtag, one of the biggest initiatives launched by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation in the field of social media, strives to motivate the youth to use Arabic language and to show loyalty to it.
"Students of Arab descent constitute the majority of our Arabic students," said Abbas Al-Tonsi, senior lecturer and head of the Arabic language program at GU-Q.
Its contents will chronicle Arabic language and culture from the past 17 centuries in three research stages -- old inscriptions, the Semitic branch of languages with a focus on Arabic, as well as the practical use of the language.
She said these propositions would lead to educated people suffering from alienation in their own communities, warning against attempts to isolate or hinder the Arabic language which is the carrier of the Arab nation's culture and heritage, in addition to its role in Arab nationalism.
At the fourth meeting of the fourth annual session of the sixth period headed by Dr Rayya Salim Said al Manthari, the committee hosted a number of specialists interested in Arabic language from the Ministry of Education and National Records and Archives Authority.
It was held in collaboration with Oman's Honorary Consulate in Lithuania, which teamed up with UNESCO to celebrate the UN Arabic Language Day in Lithuania, hosting more than a dozen free events to educate people over the Arab language and culture.
Speaking on the occasion, Member National Assembly (MNA) from minorities Ramesh Kumar termed Arabic language as an international heritage.
1 / 2 2 / 2 Several events are organized on this day to acknowledge the Arabic language's immense contribution to science and culture, including philosophy and the arts.
represented by the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at
The UAE's Vice-President has sought a status report on the Arabic language and its future.