Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf,

location of war where the syndrome was first experienced.
Persian Gulf syndrome - various symptoms experienced by veterans of the Persian Gulf War.
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"Using our Ti-Pure One Coat approach with the new Ti-Pure Select TS-6300, our DuPont technical specialists - in collaboration with our partners - developed paints that expand the limits of coating hiding power," said Plamen Gospodinov, business manager of Eastern and Central Europe and Arabic Gulf States for Dupont Titanium Technologies.
For his part, Director of Radio Bahrain Yunus Sulaiman said that frequency allocation for the "This is the Arabic Gulf Radio" which was launched in Bahrain in October 2013, topped the agenda of the 17th meeting.
The highest prevalence of current water pipe smoking was found among school students across countries: the United States 12%-15%, the Arabic Gulf region 9%-16%, Estonia 21% and Lebanon 28%.