Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf,

location of war where the syndrome was first experienced.
Persian Gulf syndrome - various symptoms experienced by veterans of the Persian Gulf War.
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Iran seized control of Abu Musa and two other islands in the Arabian Gulf, Greater and Lesser Tunbsm, in November 1971.
The anthology project began in 2008 when students in a literature class at VCUQatar identified the need for a comprehensive collection of Arabian Gulf poetry.
Our partnership with DDM to create Red Stallion marks Trans Technologies' first investment in the interactive entertainment industry and we couldn't be more excited about this groundbreaking offering to the Arabian Gulf," said Dr.
The people who live around the gulf are mostly Arabs so by virtue of demography it should be called the Arabian Gulf.
The First Arabian Gulf Cup tournament took place in Bahrain in 1970, and was won by the Kuwaiti team.
The Arabian Gulf Yachting Award will further inspire us to leverage our capabilities for further expansion of this sector and growth in the region," concluded Williams.
This ship's company has been the longest serving on the ship while she has been in the Arabian Gulf.
Sammy', the female whale shark captured - or rather, 'rescued' - by the Atlantis hotel on the lavish The Palm development has been released into the waters of the Arabian Gulf, the hotel said today.
Summary: Saudi Arabia came to the rescue of an Iranian booze-cruise stranded by severe weather off a Saudi island in the Arabian Gulf, local press reported Saturday.
NORTHERNIreland firms were told yesterday to seek export opportunities in China, India and the Arabian Gulf to counter the economic downturn in their traditional markets.
ARABIAN GULF was ruled out of the Ladbrokes St Leger yesterday after it was revealed that he is suffering from a tendon injury.
The US Navy denies claims that one of its nuclear submarines was forced to leave the Arabian Gulf after Iran protested that it had contaminated the waters.

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