Arabesque Pattern

A term of art referring to a key histologic feature of end-stage panniculitis in patients with lipodermatosclerosis
Sequence The early lesions of lipodermatosclerosis are that of lymphocytic septal and lobular panniculitis, followed by ischaemic fat necrosis and the formation of variably sized cystic spaces lined by thick, eosinophilic, PAS-positive material—thought to represent adipocyte membrane material—arranged in a pattern likened to the mosiac patterns of the Moors and other artists of the Arab world
References in classic literature ?
The binding was of blue velvet, with clasps of silver worked in beautiful arabesque patterns, and with a lock of the same precious metal to protect the book from prying eyes.
The pattern of plinth tiles is not the same, the margins have arabesque pattern, and in the middle floral is used.
An Islamic-inspired Arabesque pattern was silkscreened onto the glass, and then manipulated using Grasshopper parametric design software to create a translucent mashrabiya.
New York-based SOMA Architects has designed the hotel with an outer glass facade that gives it a regional identity, while an Islamic-inspired Arabesque pattern will be silkscreened onto the glass structure.
The hand crafted Alpine Bull leather customary to Rolls-Royce has been elegantly embroidered with an Arabesque pattern, in addition to an intricately weaved silk pattern to form the centre console armrests front and back.
SHAYAN RESTAURANT The Persian Shayan restaurant features screened dining areas around identical columns, from which at the floor surface an intricate contemporary arabesque pattern of contrasting stones radiates.
In "The Philosophy of Furniture," Poe promotes the arabesque pattern as a way to ameliorate Americans' "corruption of taste," and thus the design creates not chaos, but refined comfort.
The earliest designs were established in the mid 15th century, and were inspired by Chinese models but incorporated Ottoman arabesque patterns.
These visuals were to be created using the designs of the Infiniti cars while utilising the theme of arabesque patterns of Middle Eastern Art, its intricate patterns, symmetry and shapes.
Designer Jenjum Gadi created a collection inspired by Turkish iznik art of traditional Ottoman arabesque patterns, with hints of Chinese elements and a gentle tug of North- East India.
Islamic-inspired geometric and arabesque patterns were built into silver bookends, lights and candleholders.
One can also detect the influence of traditional Egyptian art on Hosny's work; elements such as arabesque patterns or the opened hand that wards the evil eye are present in several of his works.