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A regionally popular term for a patient who is mildly confused, i.e., he/she ‘ain't quite right’
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In a particularly welcome development, Spirit's AQR score improved as 2018 progressed, averaging about negative 0.77 in the fourth quarter.
The California-based airline has led the industry every year since it became eligible for the AQR, which only ranks airlines that make up at least 1 percent of domestic scheduled-service revenue.
London Business School and AQR, a global investment management firm, launched the AQR Institute of Asset Management, a new partnership aimed at advancing research and best practices in the global asset management community.
The leadership of the AQR Institute brings together four London Business School academic members at the core - Francisco Gomes, Professor of Finance; Ralph Koijen, Professor of Finance; Narayan Naik, Professor of Finance; and Helene Rey, Professor of Economics.
Founded in 1998, AQR has around USD 115bn in assets as of September 30, 2014 across a set of alternative and traditional investment strategies.
Quality Review (AQR), in the context of lower--than-average coverage of
The annual Airline Quality Rating (AQR), which ranks airlines on several metrics based on US Department of Transportation figures, also found that carriers had a lower bumped passenger rate but worse on-time performance in 2013 compared with 2012.
Vitor Constancio, vice-president of the European Central Bank (ECB), said that the "success of the AQR [asset quality review] and the stress tests cannot and should not be measured by the amount and size of the capital shortfall that can be identified".
Summary: The Asset Quality Review (AQR) and the drafting of harmonised non-performing loan definitions and templates will set the foundation for a new European standard for stress testing, reports Moody's Analytics
Osama Wahidi media manager and spokesman of "Hossam" association during a press conference organized by his association on Sunday in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza has revealed the aspects of sufferings that faced by captive Nahid Aqr as a result of his exposure to medical negligence years ago, which caused to amputate his right foot 6 years ago , indicating that now threatened amputating of his other foot is needed after stalling his prospected surgery by the IPS in surgery which was scheduled him in both of his feet before his arrest
Clough (psychology, Hull U.) is the co-developer of the mental toughness model, while Strycharcyk is with AQR Ltd., a business consultancy.
Author Aaron Brown, a risk manager at AQR Capital Management, explains how these personality types have influenced the theory, history and practice of risk management, particularly financial risk management, and how risk-taking philosophies influenced the Wall Street world and the evolution of money itself.