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(1) Avandia to Prevent Restenosis and Coronary Artery Disease Progression Trial. A trial assessing the effect of rosiglitazone/Avandia on the progression of atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetics undergoing PCIs
Endpoint Angiography, plaque size, media volume

(2) Antithrombotics in the Prevention of Reoccclusion In Coronary Thrombolysis


Cardiology A clinical trial–Aspirin vs Coumadin in Prevention of Reocclusion & Recurrent Ischemia after Successful Thrombolysis which compared 2 strategies to ↓ risk of recurrent CAD


see prunus.
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Dried apricots and prunes are high in dietary fiber.
Put the mixture into the tin, placing 200g sliced apricots on top.
A fresh, ripe apricot, sliced into a bowl of ice-cold Greek yoghurt and drizzled with acacia honey?
Halve and stone the apricots and toss with two tablespoons of Amaretto.
Take the stones out of the apricots, then pass the apricots and the rest of the ingredients, except the turmeric, through the juicer.
The agreements were signed at the meetings on purchase of different kinds of Batken apricots.
The arrival of the English variety should be heralded as good news by British shoppers who in the last year bought 18 per cent more apricots than the previous year, according to latest data from retail analysts Kantar.
The prices of apricots, or Qamar Al-Din as it is commonly known, have increased considerably in the Saudi market, with prices increasing by close to 400 percent in the days before the start of Ramadan.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkey's southeastern province of Malatya, the world's largest provider of apricots, has suffered heavy losses to its harvest this year due to frost that recently hit the area.
It is that time of the year when apricots blossom and literally cover the mountains of Wakan village in Wadi Mastal in the wilayat of Nakhal, located in South Al Batinah governorate.
In an 8-inch square baking dish, toss the apples with 1/3 cup of the sugar, the apricots and lemon juice.
In Northern Area, apricots along with other deciduous fruits are primarily produced as cash crop where majority of families grow apricot.