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(1) Avandia to Prevent Restenosis and Coronary Artery Disease Progression Trial. A trial assessing the effect of rosiglitazone/Avandia on the progression of atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetics undergoing PCIs
Endpoint Angiography, plaque size, media volume

(2) Antithrombotics in the Prevention of Reoccclusion In Coronary Thrombolysis


Cardiology A clinical trial–Aspirin vs Coumadin in Prevention of Reocclusion & Recurrent Ischemia after Successful Thrombolysis which compared 2 strategies to ↓ risk of recurrent CAD


see prunus.
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A high impact distillate, Apricot Treattarome 9853 is collected using specialised technology to ensure maximum flavour extraction.
Most of B&R's apricots end up dried, their deliciousness made sturdier.
If you live in the Antelope Valley, planting apricots can be risky because of their early bloom time -- the word apricot comes from the Latin praecox, meaning early -- in February or March.
7 Add the flour, apricots and rum to the honey cake mixture.
Cut the apricots into quarters lengthways (discarding the stones) and arrange neatly around the tart.
California still produces more than half of the world's apricots but they are also grown around the Mediterranean, Middle East and South America.
Apricots, nectarines, or cherries also work well in this recipe.
For healthy meal ideas from an Asparagus Potato Omelet to a Fruitful Apricot Spinach Salad to Italian Tomato Pasta Skillet, visit www.
Put the apricots and port into a pan with the cinnamon sticks, stock, double cream and redcurrant jelly and simmer gently on a low heat.
The apricot market is worth 13m [pounds sterling] in value and has declined 33% over the past year * The past year saw 165 million apricot occasions * Females aged 45+ consume more than half of the total * 40% of apricots are eaten at breakfast time * In almost 60% of cases, apricots are eaten for health * They are more often consumed early in the week * Dried fruit accounts for more than 64% of consumptions * Consumption has been in decline since a peak in 2006
Ingredients: Ingredients: 100g caster sugar' 50g plain flour' 50g butter' 1 egg' 1 vanilla pod, split in half and seeds scraped out' 400g can apricot halves in syrup, drained' vanilla ice cream.
Simply drain a tin of apricots and their juices and place in a food processor or liquidiser and blitz slowly adding the syrup back until you get a desired consistency.