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Greek god of the arts, archery, and divination.
Apollo disease - Synonym(s): acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
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So, whether it's taking a shower or a steambath, soaking in a tub or getting a tub massage, Appollo can provide you the best choice at the best price.
Appollo team from left, Claire Laing, <B Peter Laing, Viki Laing and Joy Andre
Appollo Real Estate Advisors partner James Simmons III received the community investment award and re minded the audience that affordable housing is about more than providing a place to call home: it's providing an opportunity to live the American Dream--something channel NY1 news anchor Dominic Carter is thankful for every day.
Just coming back from vacation in Greece, it was fun to read about gods such as Appollo, Zues, Dionsysus and Aphrodite, as well as others, and wondering if it's likely they still exist.
Bio Notes: Former U.S astronaut best known for his walk on the moon during the 1969 Appollo XI mission.
(52) William Bentley noted in his diary the arrival of the Derby's "antiquities"--"Busts, antiques, in Plaster of Paris, with a fullsize Appollo Bellvedere [sic], & a Venus de Medicis." (53) Despite being emblematic of good taste, the display of nude statuary in their home placed the Derbys in the cultural avantgarde.
An estimated 5,000 punters turned up to see 3-1 favourite Miracle Ridge romping home in the Appollo Print Solutions Handicap.
It is the story of the human soul in search of Eros, and provides rather different images of education than are provided by the myths of Appollo and Prometheus which Neville finds shaping contemporary notions of education.
Appollo Tire Company, Inc., (54) that illegal aliens are entitled to all rights under the NLRA.
Witnesses say Mr Benney became trapped beneath the wheels of the truck on a road outside the resort's four-star Appollo Hotel.
Some commonly cited examples include: Honda's success in introducing 50cc bikes into the US market (Pascale 1984); the actions of crew members to save a ship whose navigation system had broken down (Hutchins 1991) and the rescue of Appollo XIII by NASA scientists working with unfamiliar concepts (Lovell and Kluger 1995).
But in a crucial way the tale does not stop, for it breaks off in the middle of a metaphor of time in motion and as motion: "Appollo whirleth up his chaar so hye / Til that the god Mercurius hous, the slye - " (671-72).