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A gene on chromosome 17p13 that encodes alpha-2-antiplasmin, a serine protease inhibitor (serpin). SERPINF2 inhibits plasmin, which degrades fibrin and other proteins, and thus plays a cental role in regulating coagulation.

Molecular pathology
SERPINF2 mutations result in alpha-2-plasmin inhibitor deficiency, which is characterised by severe haemorrhagic diathesis.
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Abbreviation for active pharmaceutical ingredient.
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Central Site Director, version 2.1, is an enterprise WLAN management, control and integration platform that includes Web services framework- and XML-based application program interfaces. By allowing different applications or systems to communicate with the platform, IT managers can leverage existing systems and applications to administer changes to wireless LAN policies for bandwidth and security management, lf certain thresholds on the network are met, for example, the platform can automatically disable a user account on the wireless LAN or change bandwidth-prioritization policies.
In addition, these tools provide application program interfaces (APIs) that allow users broad access to high- speed input and output functions.
There are multiple exchange possibilities, including transactions, Application Program Interfaces (APIs), web automation, database portals, catalogs, workflow documents, or messages.
As shown above, applications and system commands access functions within the platform layer through Application Program Interfaces (APIs).
By leveraging Hitachi Data Systems' HiCommand Application Program Interfaces (APIs), TrueSAN will extend the advanced management capabilities of its Cloudbreak software to the Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 series and Thunder 9200, as well as additional third-party storage systems supported by the HiCommand software.

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