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A highly interactive smartphone launched by Apple in 2007 which provides multiple functions as well as access to 200,000+ third-party 'apps', including medical utilities for CME/CPD, remote patient monitoring, Medscape, etc.
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playing around with this new Apple phone. Isn't this you?'" Bennett added.
Now police want to talk to the woman after the top of the range PS500 Apple phone went missing from Coalition nightclub in Brighton, East Sussex, earlier this month.
"Apple phone and tablet users will find Chrome compatibility particularly useful," said Sexton.
But Mr Lane added there was a practical reason for his love of the Apple phone.
Even when a 4-inch display does occured on the next-generation Apple phone, it is going to most surely need better battety.
If you're thinking of buying an Apple phone but have a limited budget in your hand then the iPhone 6 might be the best option for you available right now.
The couples were married over the past month, and their first dances were shot using the newest Apple phone.
Apple phone sales fears APPLE fans keep buying iPhones, but Wall Street keeps worrying the company will not be able to match last year's blistering sales pace.
London, Nov 6 ( ANI ): The number of iPhone owners in the UK and the US who say they are likely to buy another Apple phone has fallen for the first time since the product's launch, according to a report.
And that's led to major retailers hitting out at other sellers seeking bids of Dhs10,000 for the new Apple phone - which could see them pocket more than Dhs5,000 a handset.
"Displaying products in Google shopping populates additional search channels not only on the web, but perhaps more importantly in the Google Shopping Android and Apple phone app, which is installed on tens of millions of phones," added Mr Thomas.
Admittedly, the next Apple phone is not getting many positive media reception lately.