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Another test-equipment maker addressing the Apple family of phones and tablets is Redfish Instruments.
The Apple family lives in an Apple Orchard, where they make apple cider for villages all around.
The newest member of the apple family is now shipping to lunch boxes nationwide.
Apple, which has charged $199 in the past for its multi-license bundle, said earlier this month that it will price the upcoming Mac OS X 10.6, aka "Snow Leopard," Family Pack at just $49.<p>Bott suspected that Microsoft would undercut the usual Apple Family Pack price by marking its Windows 7 three-license bundle at $189.
Coming all the way from the Canadian prairies, this member of the apple family is the size of a blueberry but tastes like cherry or almond.
She has been an important part of our company's success and a cherished member of the Wild Apple family," said Laurie Chester, Wild Apple co-founder.