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A highly interactive smartphone launched by Apple in 2007 which provides multiple functions as well as access to 200,000+ third-party 'apps', including medical utilities for CME/CPD, remote patient monitoring, Medscape, etc.
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Fleet won first place in a design competition for innovative application of FAA data, and is now available in the Apple App Store to help travelers everywhere fly with less stress and anxiety.
Microsoft Office apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple app store .
Test Studio for iOS is currently available for free download on the Apple App Store.
The 19-year-old recently took his interest in programming from the classroom to the real world through creating an app for the Apple App Store.
One thing that sets Apple apart from Android when it comes to apps is that legitimate apps can only be acquired from the official Apple App Store, and those apps must all be reviewed and approved by Apple before being made available to the public.
Soft launched in February, 2012, the app was rated in the top 10 for both iPad Travel and iPod Travel apps at the Apple app store and has already surpassed download targets of more than 150,000 to date.
UBA U-Mobile met all the requirements and was listed on Apple App Store in December 2011.
The mobile banking app achieved a ranking of number one in the Finance category on the UAE Apple app store within 48 hours of launch.
Alarm Clock Pro by Handy, 69p, Apple App Store (www.
From there, Baghai and Quigley use the Apple App Store as an example of the landlord and tenant dynamic.
The tablet runs nearly all of the 350,O00-plus apps available on the Apple App Store.
Tokyo, Mar 7, 2011 - (JCN) - ANA Group today announced the release of a free Apple iPad application available at the Apple App Store.