Appian of Alexandria

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Appian of Alexandria,

Greek historian, 2nd century A.D.
Appian-Plutarch syndrome - condition caused by atropine intoxication; characterized by various neurological reactions. Appian and Plutarch wrote about symptoms exhibited by hungry soldiers who ate strange plants during war.
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Completion of the Appian Roll-up is conditional on the other shareholder in PAM, International Finance Corporation (IFC), entering into its own Binding Heads of Agreement (IFC BHoA) within 30 days of the date of the Appian BHoA, being 28 August 2019, under which it agrees to roll up its ownership interest in PAM into Peak (IFC Roll-up) on the terms outlined below.
Appian (APPN), a firm that provides solutions for the banking industry, has said that the newly formed Iccrea Banking Group, which was created from a merger of hundreds of small Italian Cooperative Credit Banks (BCCs), has chosen Appian's low-code platform.
Temasys Communications has announced that Appian has integrated with the Temasys Skylink technology, enabling real-time communications, including chat and co-browsing, in Appian's new Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) Platform, the company said.
He was buried along the Appian Way in Rome, Italy, where the Basilica of San Sebastian, one of the seven chief churches of Rome, stands today.
According to Deadline, the film based on Walter Isaacson's biography on Leonardo da Vinci will be produced by DiCaprio's Appian Way production company under Paramount Pictures.
Enjoy a fabulous night stay and relax in our Appian Lounge with a gorgeous steak dinner.
Nearly half (48 percent) reported their company has migrated in some intended areas but not all, shows the YouGov survey commissioned by Appian.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson have come on board to produce Paramount's movie about the Volkswagen clean diesel scandal through their Appian Way banner.
Football Fantasy I booted a football with such force from earth That it went into orbit and landed in Perth A walkabout Dingo and a kangaroo called Jack Found the ball in their billabong and booted it back I was happy to hear it was on its way home But it bumped into Everest and landed in Rome The Pope saw it bounce down the Appian Way And headed it heavenwards and said"let us pray" The ball's heavenly plunge was reported to Putin Who ordered his troops to put the boot in When all hope was gone I was taken aback To see it on a photo with President Barack It returned in great style with tales of much glory Then became an MP as a prominent Tory John Holt, Marriners Lane, Allesley Park.