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(kō-nah'tŭs, -nā'tŭs), The plural of this word is conatus, not conati.
A striving toward self-preservation and self-affirmation.
[L. attempt]
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Uno modo, prout est appetitus inordinatus divitiarum.
Joyce's early thinking about an art form founded on a type of "appetite" appears in his writings about Thomistic aesthetics from his 1904 Pola notebook: "Bonum est in quod tendit appetitus. The good is that towards which an appetite tends: the desirable.
It gives meaning to a search for God in the present, nourishing our human appetitus for God.
Spinoza asserted that conatus assumed two forms linked by appetitus, his invocation of the alimentative metaphor and one that, according to Judith Butler, prefigured Hegel's notion of desire.
Se na retorica classica a palavra ja e um dado existente, cumprindo a inventio apenas resgatar o seu carater originario, Agostinho, no Medievo, concebe a palavra como algo que brota justamente no gesto de buscar, identificando-a com o appetitus com que ela e buscada.