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Greek god of the arts, archery, and divination.
Apollo disease - Synonym(s): acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
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Thus, the response rate of 51% (79/155) is likely an underestimate of the proportion of members of APLU actually holding the CRO position.
To provide both national leadership and content expertise, the hub functions for MTE-Partnership are distributed between APLU and the university of the other codirector.
Sin embargo, para ser incluido en la base de datos APLU, se requeria que el proyecto estuviera activo en el intervalo inicial (noviembre 2007-abril 2009).
In February 2012, APLU co-sponsored a day-long symposium with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and NASA where task force findings, "promising practices" and "lessons learned" were presented to an audience of thought leaders in the field.
Reacting to the Forging a Foundation report, APLU set up a series of regional meetings to consider the future of public research universities and to determine how best to deal with the decline in their funding.
MSU was among four finalists for the coveted award presented today at the APLU annual meeting in San Francisco.
Once academic programs were identified from the ACT database, the APLU website was used to identify additional universities with agricultural communications programs.
The AAU and APLU are urging higher ed leaders to talk to their members of Congress, using the letter as an opportunity to talk about specific effects that research and education funding have had on their campuses.
Speaking on the Role of Presidential Spouses at APLU Conference
In awarding UMBC a Collaborative Opportunity Grant, the APLU and USU recognize the universitys deep and sustained commitment to Baltimore, and to creating innovative approaches to boosting student success.
Toward this end, APLU and the Online Commission are hopeful that the observations from the Benchmarking Study will provide fresh insights and perspectives to campus leaders, administrators, faculty, and students engaged in or interested in online learning and lead to an increase in the number of strategic online learning initiatives at public colleges and universities across the nation.