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An acronym for Very Early Nimopidine Use in Stroke Trial
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The Israeli demand followed reports that Cyprus was in talks with Egypt to export gas from Aphrodite.
Moreover, the proximity of Aphrodite field to Egypt's Zohr field (90km), which is currently being developed by Italian company Eni, could allow the development of joint fields, which in turn could pave the way to create a regional natural gas infrastructure network.
Yishai partnership says that Aphrodite reserves extend into Yishai in the Israeli exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
Such a scenario may exist for Israel, they may be looking into it, but the Republic of Cyprus's direction is towards channeling the natural to Europe via the LNGs in Egypt," he added, suggesting that output from the Aphrodite gasfield could begin in 2020.
Ancient commentators on the Knidian Aphrodite were primarily concerned to explain her scandalous nudity, which elicited uncontrollable lust on the part of her male viewers.
River Island Wallis Jane Norman H and M Debenhams and Aphrodite.
Now in operation for 20 years, Aphrodite is set for significant expansion in its existing Derwent Street premises, close to the city's Bridges Shopping Centre.
Mahmoud al-Sayyed, an expert in ancient languages and inscriptions at the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, says the name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology -- who was later worshiped by the Romans as Venus -- means the delighted flower.
Weddings will be available in the new Sensatori sites, tailored to the local environment - for example, couples marrying at Aphrodite Hills will take part in a ceremony to plant an olive tree.
AMATHOUS APHRODITE CULTURAL ROUTEThe ancient city kingdom of Amathous on the Bay of Lemesos (Limassol) was probably founded by Greek Mycenaean settlers in the 12th to the 11th centuries BC and was one of the most important kingdoms where Kyprida Aphrodite was celebrated.
Each reader can receive a love letter of his/her choice from Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Zeus, Adonis or Apollo.
The test was carried out beneath the Mediterranean Sea in Block 12 or Aphrodite of the liquefied natural gas field (LNG) located almost 170 kilometers off Cyprus' southern coast in the island's exclusive economic zone.