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Virginia, U.S. anesthesiologist, 1909-1974. See: Apgar score.
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* Study by Yadav P et al showed that mean APGAR at 1 min among spontaneous labour was 7.1 [+ or -] 1.22 and induced was 7.17 [+ or -] 1.2.
At 5 minutes after birth low Apgar score of <3 and 3 to 6 was significantly associated with abruptio placenta in 17 (42.5%) compared to only 1 (2.5%) controls and this difference was statistically highly significant (p-value<0.001).
The surgical Apgar score is strongly associated with intensive care unit admission after high-risk intraabdominal surgery.
The APGAR 5-minute score is also a good indicator of a long-term neurodevelopmental outcome (33), and its lack of variance to NT in the present study is an expected finding.
Except for APGAR score at one minute (p value = 0.048), no other variables were statistically significant when perinatal outcomes was compared among Category-1 and Non-Category-1 CS.
Similarly, the proximal variables very low birth weight (under 1,500 grams) and an Apgar score in the first minute of life below seven (Table 2) had an effect on the likelihood of neonatal mortality that was independent of the preceding factors.
The rate of infant deaths within 24 hours of their birth caught Apgar's interest.
In our study foetal morbidity such as cephalohaematoma 3(0.75%) was less frequent while poor Apgar score in one minute was more frequent when compared with score in five minutes.
There is significant correlation between pathological CTG and the state of newborn evaluated by Apgar sore, existence of acidosis, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and subsequent neuromotor development.9
Through this approach the Community Apgar Questionnaire (CAQ) was developed to play a key role in recruitment and retention across the US (Baker, Schmitz, Wasden, MacKenzie, & Epperly, 2012; Schmitz & Baker, 2012), and was later expanded to address similar nursing recruitment and retention challenges.