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Virginia, U.S. anesthesiologist, 1909-1974. See: Apgar score.
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They found a link between an Apgar score of below seven and lower intelligence in later life.
Dusuk besinci dakika Apgar skoru izlenen olgularin orani acisindan gruplar arasinda anlamli fark saptanmadi.
Outcome of extremely low birthweight infants at highest risk: gestational age < or =24 weeks, birthweight < 750g and 1-minute Apgar < or =3.
Also, fetal well-being was improved in the spontaneous pushing as measured by one and five minute Apgar score.
Low Apgar is not currently considered to be a good predictor of long-term ill health (8) despite recent suggestions that it may be related to risk of death and cerebral palsy, (9) minor disabilities at school age, (10) as well as neurological disability and cognitive function deficit in adults.
In "Separating Learnable Risks From Random Ones in Business Decisions," Apgar refutes the myth that "all risks are random" with his first rule, which states: "recognize which risks are learnable" (p.
Defining asphyxia as an Apgar score of <7 at 5 minutes and base deficit of >12 mmol/L, 179 patients (97.
Apgar skorlari gibi karakteristik ozellikleri bakimindan karsilastirildiginda, gruplar arasinda anlamli farklilik olmadigi goruldu.
Infants exposed to the medications in utero were significantly more likely than the two groups not exposed to have a five-minute Apgar score of seven or below (seven is a general indicator of good infant health) or to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
In relation to the number of nuchal cords, we found a mean Apgar score of 8.
Demonstrating that risk management is not only for technical specialists, Apgar (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies) provides a simple model, two self-assessment tools, and a 10-step action plan that executives can use for understanding and mitigating risk.