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Eugène, French pediatrician, 1868-1940. See: Apert syndrome.
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Bilobe flepler benzer bir bicimde daha sik Rubinstein-Taybi Sendromunda gorulen, fakat ayni zamanda bazi Apert Sendromu, Pfeifer Sendromu, Patau Sendromu ve distrofik cucelik olgularinda da izlenebilen dogumsal basparmak deviasyonu olgularinda da basari ile kullanilmistir (13).
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These results are in consistent with several results that associated older-aged fathers to several genetic diseases, especially when the main mode of inheritance is point mutation (autosomal dominant diseases such as achondroplasia, myositis ossificans, Marfan syndrome and Apert syndrome, [22] and X-linked recessive such as Lesch-Nyhan disease [8]).
My daughter, Lucy, was born with Apert's syndrome, which is a severe craniofacial condition that affects every aspect of her health and development.
She has Apert syndrome, a rare genetic condition which means she was born with the bones in her hands, feet and skull fused together.