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Eugène, French pediatrician, 1868-1940. See: Apert syndrome.
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Bilobe flepler benzer bir bicimde daha sik Rubinstein-Taybi Sendromunda gorulen, fakat ayni zamanda bazi Apert Sendromu, Pfeifer Sendromu, Patau Sendromu ve distrofik cucelik olgularinda da izlenebilen dogumsal basparmak deviasyonu olgularinda da basari ile kullanilmistir (13).
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(17,18) En contraste con estas mutaciones, asociadas con Apert y el fenotipo Jackson-Weiss exhiben una disminucion selectiva en la cinetica FGF-2 de disociacion de FGFR mutante.
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Pronounced and early acne in Apert's syndrome: a case successfully treated with oral isotretinoin.
These results are in consistent with several results that associated older-aged fathers to several genetic diseases, especially when the main mode of inheritance is point mutation (autosomal dominant diseases such as achondroplasia, myositis ossificans, Marfan syndrome and Apert syndrome, [22] and X-linked recessive such as Lesch-Nyhan disease [8]).
Asi, esta enfermedad ha sido relacionada a leptospirosis, tuberculosis, anemia aplasica, anemia de Fanconi, anemia de celulas falciformes, factor anticoagulante del lupus, sindrome de Apert, sindrome de Down, sindrome de Marfan, esclerosis tuberosa, sindrome de Turner, enfermedad de von Recklinghausen, enfermedad de Hirschsprung, enfermedad aterosclerotica, coartacion de la aorta, displasia fibromuscular; entre otras (4).
My daughter, Lucy, was born with Apert's syndrome, which is a severe craniofacial condition that affects every aspect of her health and development.
Se ve a menudo asociada a sindrome de Crouzon o Apert.
She has Apert syndrome, a rare genetic condition which means she was born with the bones in her hands, feet and skull fused together.