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Ashish Shukla, Head Exhibition, Cinepolis said, "We have always believed in corporate philanthropy and were moved after witnessing the work INDRADHANUSH SAMAJ KALYAN SAMITI & APANA GHAR has been doing to support remove the inequality against women.
Algunas de las peculiaridades propias de nuestra epoca son la caida del modelo tradicional de familia, la menguante credibilidad del discurso politico, la poca claridad en los planteamientos eticos, la prolongacion creciente de los estudios, la creciente incidencia de las nuevas tecnologias (...) En un momento en que las figuras de autoridad --padres, maestros, politicos- son demolidas y en el que predomina el pragmatismo mas feroz ?como se las apana el adolescente para entrar en el mundo adulto?
Biggers's alleged inspiration, real-life Chinese-Hawaiian police officer Chang Apana, relished the publicity caused by his association with Chan.
(24) Feuerstein (2000:224) notes that ten types of breath in the body are described in the classic yoga texts: prana; apana; vyana; udana; samana; naga; kurma; kri-kara; deva-datta; and dhanam-jaya.
Telecommunication market observers feel that it will not be an easy going for any new player, considering the fact that mobile penetration level has touched 147 per cent by the end of first quarter this year, with four resellers -Friendi (and its sub brand Halafoni), Renna, Mazoon, and Apana Mobile - already competing to get a slice of the market.
La proporcion de carnivoros vario desde 4% (Chuquiaguillo) hasta un 17% (Huni), nectarivoros desde 5% (Callapa, Cunamani y Achocalla) a 20% (Chuquiaguillo) y aquellas especies con otras dietas desde 3% (Chinchaya, Achumani, Apana y Ovejuyo) a 45% (Achocalla) (Tabla 4).
In the context of May 28, International Day of Action for Women's Health, Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir (Catholics for the Right to Decide, CDD/Bolivia) held a campaign for the prevention of cervical cancer, offering free pap smears to women residing in Villa Apana, a poor neighborhood in the south of the city.
These later dramatizations are dismaying when compared to the novels, which are well written, based loosely on legendary Honolulu detective Chang Apana, and free of the general silliness that pervades the later movies.