Scarpa, Antonio

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Scarpa, Antonio

Italian anatomist, 1752–1832.

Scarpa fascia

The deep layer of superficial abdominal fascia around the edge of the subcutaneous inguinal ring.

Scarpa fluid

Fluid in the membranous labyrinth of the ear.

Scarpa foramen

Incisive foramen.

Scarpa ganglion

Vestibular ganglion.

Scarpa membrane

The membrane that closes the fenestra rotunda of the tympanic cavity.

Scarpa triangle

The area of the inner thigh bounded above the inguinal ligament, laterally by the sartorius and medially by the adductor longus.
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Antonio, Italian anatomist, orthopedist, and ophthalmologist, 1747-1832.
canals of Scarpa - separate canals for the nasopalatine nerves and vessels.
fossa scarpae major - Synonym(s): femoral triangle
Scarpa fascia - the deeper membranous or lamellar part of the subcutaneous tissue of the lower abdominal wall. Synonym(s): membranous layer of superficial fascia
Scarpa fluid - the fluid contained within the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear. Synonym(s): endolymph
Scarpa foramina - two openings in the line of the intermaxillary suture that transmit the nasopalatine nerve.
Scarpa ganglion - a collection of bipolar nerve cell bodies forming a swelling on the vestibular part of the eighth nerve in the internal acoustic meatus. Synonym(s): vestibular ganglion
Scarpa habenula - Synonym(s): Haller habenula
Scarpa hiatus - a semilunar opening at the apex of the cochlea through which the scala vestibuli and the scala tympani of the cochlea communicate with one another. Synonym(s): helicotrema
Scarpa liquor - the fluid contained within the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear. Synonym(s): endolymph
Scarpa membrane - closes the fenestra cochleae or rotunda. Synonym(s): secondary tympanic membrane
Scarpa method - cure of an aneurysm by ligation of the artery at some distance above the sac.
Scarpa sheath - one of the coverings of the spermatic cord, formed of delicate connective tissue and of muscular fibers derived from the internal oblique muscle. Synonym(s): cremasteric fascia
Scarpa staphyloma - bulging near the posterior pole of the eyeball due to degenerative changes in severe myopia. Synonym(s): posterior staphyloma
Scarpa triangle - branches of the femoral nerve are distributed within the femoral triangle. Synonym(s): femoral triangle; fossa scarpae major
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