antivirus software

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an·ti·vi·rus soft·ware

(an'tē-vī'rŭs sahft'wār)
Software designed to detect, prevent, or remove computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
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Broadband VoIP telecom company Voip-Pal.Com Inc (OTC Pink sheets:VPLM) announced today the launch of PointsPhoneGuard, an antivirus program for Android smartphones and tablets.
Antivirus programs frequently compete with each other, slowing down your system, delivering false positives and possibly interfering with each other's effectiveness.
Remember, loading two antivirus programs on the same computer will significantly slow down your computer.
At home, where spyware is merely a nuisance, such remedies may be adequate if administered frequently (though it's unlikely that the majority of home users are any more diligent about checking for spyware than they are about updating their antivirus programs, if indeed they have such software installed at all).
If a virus does infect your computer, follow the directions in your antivirus program for cleaning it from your computer.
of the United States, the vendor of the popular Norton Antivirus program.
If it expires, either pay to renew or switch to a freeware antivirus program, such as AntiVir PE or AVG AntiVirus.
Many viruses are easy to detect and neutralize before they do any damage, but only if you have an antivirus program using the latest virus definitions.
AYOU don't say which antivirus program you're using, but the most likely explanation is that the program is running in the background, preventing its files from being removed.
Once you install the antivirus program, you can set the protection level to your own preferences.
Use an antivirus program to check all new or suspicious software.