antisocial personality

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Former designation for someone with an antisocial type of personality disorder.
See also: antisocial personality, sociopath.
[psycho- + G. pathos, disease]

antisocial personality

Etymology: Gk, anti + L, socius, companion
a person who exhibits attitudes and overt behavior contrary to the customs, standards, and moral principles accepted by society. The individual also is lacking a sense of moral conscience. Also called psychopathic personality, sociopathic personality. See also antisocial personality disorder.

Antisocial personality

A personality characterized by attitudes and behaviors at odds with society's customs and moral standards, including illegal acts.
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The relationship between antisocial personality disorder and violent re-offending is so well established that the presence of the disorder has been incorporated as a risk assessment tool.
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Those who are diagnosed with full-blown antisocial personality disorder can be very disruptive of treatment, and it might be best to deal with them in a totally separate program in a different location.
Bullies also had a higher incidence of antisocial personality in adulthood.