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Rounding out the top 10, therapy area savings are accrued in pain medicines ($22.8 billion), antiulcerants ($19.2 billion), nervous system disorders ($15.6 billion), antinauseants for cancer ($11.6 billion), antibacterials ($11.3 billion), other central nervous system disorders ($9.4 billion), and attention deficit hyperactivity therapies ($8.2 billion).
Digre cautions against the use of narcotics, which "set up more headaches and make them harder to treat." Antinauseants can be effective, as can tricyclic antidepressants, "especially if people aren't sleeping well," she said.
Both Novartis and GSK operate in the same relevant product market of the oncology business i.e., in the field of Serotinin Antagonist Antiemetic and Antinauseants in Pakistan, where the preliminary examination of premerger application revealed that GSK holds a dominant position, and with the proposed acquisition.