antimitochondrial antibody

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antimitochondrial antibody (AMA)

an antibody that acts specifically against mitochondria. These antibodies are not normally present in the blood of healthy people.
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Antimitochondrial antibody stain was strongly positive in all 4 cases (Figure 10, D).
Polymeros D, Kamberoglou D, Tzias V (2002) Acute cholestatic hepatitis caused by Teucrium polium (golden germander) with transient appearance of antimitochondrial antibody.
Antibody to carbonic anhydrase II is present in primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) irrespective of antimitochondrial antibody status.
performed antimitochondrial antibody tests in 3,198 patients and identified 198 (6.
Immunologic tests such as the antimitochondrial antibody may suggest the presence of primary biliary cirrhosis.