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Compared with the 151 subjects who didn't use any acute antimigraine medication, those who used single analgesics for that purpose had an adjusted 61% lower risk of progressing to chronic headache.
An important drawback of the drugs used as antimigraine is the high occurrence of side effects.
Moreover, movement to later lines of acute therapy among the approved antimigraine drugs queried typically involves a switch in treatment-these therapies are rarely prescribed as part of regimen.
ZOMIG-ZMT is an orange-flavored, orally disintegrating antimigraine prescription product utilizing CIMA's DuraSolv(R) fast-dissolve drug delivery system, which dissolves on the tongue in seconds without the need for additional liquids.
Only 12 (28%) patients in the migraine group used specific antimigraine medications such as triptans.
Nasdaq:CIMA) today announced that AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN) has received regulatory approval from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for Zomig(R) RM(TM), an orally disintegrating antimigraine compound incorporating CIMA's DuraSolv(R) fast-dissolve drug delivery system with AstraZeneca's active drug ingredient, zolmitriptan.
8 Global Antimigraine Drugs Market Segmentation of Global Central Nervous System Drugs Market Five Forces Analysis 05.
Other than ergot drugs (contraindicated) and amitriptyline (concern for long-term neurotoxicity), all antimigraine agents appear to be compatible with breast-feeding.
Virtually all other antimigraine drugs have weight gain as a prominent side effect, according to Dr.
The most successful reformulations and emerging therapies in existing drug classes will be abuse- and dependence-resistant strong opioid formulations, including King Pharmaceuticals/Pain Therapeutics' Remoxy; as well as safer and more tolerable NSAID formulations such as NicOx's naproxcinod and AstraZeneca/POZEN's naproxen/esomeprazole combination; Johnson & Johnson's new dual-acting opioid tapentadol; and longer lasting antimigraine formulations such as GlaxoSmithKline's Treximet.
08 times more likely to have been prescribed lithium within the last 60 days than were control subjects after adjustment for 12 confounding variables: age: sex; residence in Canada; previous involvement in an injurious motor vehicle crash; chronic disease score; and exposure to antidepressants, antiepileptics, benzodiazepines, antipsychotics, antimigraine drugs, muscle relaxants, or narcotic analgesics in the 60 days before the accident.
market launch of Zomig-ZMT(TM) (zolmitriptan), an orally disintegrating antimigraine compound incorporating CIMA's DuraSolv(TM) fast-dissolve drug delivery system with AstraZeneca's active drug ingredient, zolmitriptan.