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(ăs′ĭt-ăn′l-īd′) or ac·et·an·i·lid (-ăn′l-ĭd)
A white crystalline compound used to relieve pain and reduce fever.
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, acetanilide (as″ĕ-tan′ĭl-ĭd, -īd″) (as″ĕ-tan′ĭl′īd″) [L. acetum, vinegar + anilide]
A white powder or crystalline substance obtained by interaction of glacial acetic acid and aniline.


Acetanilid has analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. Acute or chronic poisoning may develop as a result of prolonged administration or drug idiosyncrasy. Because of its toxicity, it is rarely used.

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