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antidiarrheals (an´tēdī´ərē´əlz), drugs that combat diarrhea by decreasing gastrointestinal motility; may cause sedation of the central nervous system and xerostomia.
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All patients should be offered conservative management, which includes dietary advice, antidiarrhoeal or constipating drugs and physiotherapy.
Anti-amoebic and pasmolytic activities of extracts from some antidiarrhoeal traditional preparations used in Kinshasha, Congo.
1989) Holarrhena Antibacterial, antidiarrhoeal (Kavitha, antidysenterica D.
You can, however, use antidiarrhoeal drugs as a short-term solution when you''re out, at work, or going on a long journey.
Evaluation of the antidiarrhoeal effect of Sanseviera liberia Gerome and Labroy (Agavaceae) root extract.
Investigations on the gastroprotective and antidiarrhoeal properties of ternatin, a tetramethoxyfiavone from Egletes viscosa.
Patients not using antidiarrhoeal medication showed reduced recovery time, while those using anti-diarrhoeal medication experienced extended illness, were prone to develop complications, and were more likely to become carriers.
The pharmacological properties of Brysocarpus coccineus as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidiarrhoeal and antipyretic have been established [5,6,7,8,9].
Mild attacks of Crohn's disease may be treated with antidiarrhoeal drugs and painkillers.