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Instead of focusing on the cellular metabolism and emptying the cells of the stored glucose, the doctors put the patients on the first line of antidiabetic drugs which elevate the level of already raised insulin.
Most participants (about 79%) were white, and relatively few used certain classes of antidiabetic drugs. Also, researchers used noninvasive indices of liver fibrosis, which are not the gold standard.
The RV Healthcare company plans to manufacture antidiabetic drugs. If the project is implemented, Kazakhstan will make import substitution in this drug and be able to become the main supplier of insulin in the region.
Multiple antidiabetic drugs are in line, but they fail to give long-term control of hyperglycemia, on the other hand these drugs have side effects as well3.
'Use antidiabetic drugs that can address cardiovascular risk and use antidiabetic drugs that can protect the kidney,' Miranda said.
The figure is a significant increase on the number of diabetic treatments prescribed a decade ago - including insulins, antidiabetic drugs, and diagnostics and monitoring devices.
Data were included for 434,629 individuals; the diabetes population included 208,148 individuals, of whom 76 percent were treated with oral antidiabetic drugs (OAD) only.
[4] Therefore, the treatment algorithm begins with metformin and later progresses to dual and triple combination therapy consisting of oral and injectable antidiabetic drugs. [5]
Some diabetics in the tropics may use the seeds of Picralima concurrently with conventional antidiabetic drugs either to treat diabetes or other diseases without knowing about its possible interaction with conventional oral anti-diabetic drugs.
Those with diabetes or taking oral antidiabetic drugs were excluded from the study.
The safety and effects of newly licensed antidiabetic drugs on the cardiovascular system represent important clinical issues [6,7].