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Researchers categorized the anticipation from different points of view already.
Further, the IRS contends that the district court correctly determined that the evidence in the record, particularly regarding the timing of the memos' creation, suggested that they were not created in anticipation of litigation and that this evidence was sufficient to controvert the "after-the-fact, self-serving statements of Yum personnel involved in planning and executing the transaction.
Although there may be many sensitive documents in the tax reserve file, taxpayers and advisers should carefully review each document and assert a work-product claim only for those documents for which they can make a showing that the document was prepared in anticipation of litigation or controversy.
En fait, un nombre record d'au-dela de 1 200 000 electeurs ont participe au scrutin par anticipation de 2004, soit une augmentation de plus de 60% par rapport a l'election de 2000, oo quelque 750 000 electeurs avaient vote par anticipation.
Perhaps it would be possible to design future systems to accommodate specific client anticipations, such as the anticipation that CAGG will help a person to develop a personal plan of action.
Following a very mediocre dirt career, With Anticipation came from out of the clouds a year ago to establish himself among the best US turf middle-distance runners.
Brian's anticipation that he would remain employed did not make his anticipation come true: He was fired along with many of his co-workers.
Because in this issue we look at the value of youth, the synergy of uniting the young with the more mature, and the anticipation of each reunion that generates this synergy.
Advent Anticipation -- This is the kind of book that people regard as "normal" for Lent, but rarely for Advent: a set of day-by-day meditations from Advent Sunday through the 12 days of Christmas.
Against the backdrop of delay and anticipation his imagination shone most vividly.
Realistic job previews affect newcomer anticipation in new jobs and influence a variety of outcomes (Premack 8: Wanous, 1985).