antivirus software

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an·ti·vi·rus soft·ware

(an'tē-vī'rŭs sahft'wār)
Software designed to detect, prevent, or remove computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
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[ClickPress, Tue Jul 10 2018] Every computer these days needs a high-quality Anti-virus software as well as Microsoft Office for creating presentations, slide shows, scheduling out work on excel sheets as well as typing content, letters and other research papers on Word documents.
Founder and CEO of Moscow-based anti-virus software company Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky said that he would quit if Russia's intelligence agencies ever asked his company to spy for it, according to a report by Reuters.
"I would urge people to use strong passwords, to install anti-virus software and keep all software up to date.
"It's why keeping anti-virus software up to date is so important."
The EU agency recommends updating your software regularly, using anti-virus software and only downloading software from trusted websites.
I conducted research using several technology websites including, and the anti-virus software company websites.
"The biggest misconception that people have about anti-virus software is that they think it actually protects them from every type of threat, unfortunately, that's just not true," says Mark L.
In 1987, he founded his famous McAfee anti-virus software company, it added.
Interestingly, 22 percent of respondents believe that the existence of free anti-virus software is the result of the developer's social responsibility.
Headquartered in Austria, AV-Comparatives is an internationally recognized organization in anti-virus software testing with very high reputation in the industry.
Summary: A leading computer security firm has issued a warning over fake anti-virus software, known as "scareware".
25, 2009 (CENS) -- The Taiwan-based Trend Micro Inc., a large-sized PC security software developer, has announced its cooperation with Asus to supply a 2-month trial edition of its newest anti-virus software PC-Cillin 2010 for all the partner's desktop, notebook and netbook PCs installed with Windows 7 starting the end of this year.