antivirus software

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an·ti·vi·rus soft·ware

(an'tē-vī'rŭs sahft'wār)
Software designed to detect, prevent, or remove computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
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Furthermore, users should make sure that their computer and other mobile devices are protected with up-to-date anti-virus programs, and that they are using an up-to-date version of their operating system.
According to VirusTotal, a service that shows what anti-virus software detects certain threats, no anti-virus programs currently register the Mughthesec installer as malicious.
"We advise all entities to immediately update their systems, applications and anti-virus programs and continuously spread awareness among their employees and all who deal with the organisation systems," said Al Manthari.
As a precautionary measure, the TRA has called upon customers to use only the original anti-virus programs and also update the software of all their personal devices.
Eleazar also advised netizens to change e-mail passwords regularly, install anti-virus programs, set up firewalls on their computers and keep their personal information off social media, including one's full name and even location.
The areas covered in the workshop included protection of cardholder data, password practices, social engineering, security for mobile devices and tablets, upgrades of software and anti-virus programs and physical security.
Twice, after software elements were detected as malicious by anti-virus programs, the campaign paused and then began distributing newer versions that escaped scrutiny, Check Point researcher Shahar Tal said.
Fourth, add the free anti-spyware program from to be sure you haven't already been hacked; it catches some things many anti-virus programs don't.
According to BBC, the novel versions of the viruses are unknown to anti-virus programs which let the malicious programs persist and take over the machine so it can be mined for saleable data or used to send spam or to attack other machines.
"These institutes are not just tasked with producing domestic anti-malwares but they also analyze malwares and anti-virus programs, specially certain viruses which have been specifically designed and developed to harm countries like Iran," he added.
This indicates that a lot of computers in the region are not properly patched and do not run anti-virus programs. This leaves them open to attack," Emm said.
Graham Cluley of Sophos said that becauseWindows users are more likely to be running up-to-date anti-virus programs, many Mac users are missing a "valuable safety net".