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Phillips said she was left "staggered" on a later visit when she found his drug sheet had become "an A4 page filled with various medications, including a dangerous anti-psychotic".
Suzuki et al studied time course of improvement with anti-psychotics in treatment resistant schizophrenia.
Much of the research into effectiveness of anti-psychotics themselves is problematic.
It comes at a great cost for many sufferers because drugs' side-effects can prove far nastier than their benefits - as the professor found last month when he tested an anti-psychotic himself.
A few patients may develop NMS after a single large dose of anti-psychotic medication, but most develop NMS one to three days after anti-psychotic treatment begins.
Alzheimer's Society research manager Dr Anne Corbett said: "This research supports existing studies that have shown anti-psychotics can raise the risk of death, particularly when used over the longer term.
However, we can confirm that as far as possible we adhere to National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidance on the use of anti-psychotic medication in the elderly while weighing up the risks and benefits in individual cases.
The results showed people who had taken anti-psychotic drugs in the previous two years had a 32% greater risk of any type of blood clot.
Professor Clive Ballard, from King's College London, who led the research, said: "The study clearly highlights the serious risks associated with the long term use of anti-psychotics in people with Alzheimer's.
But John Bola, in a peer-reviewed article, analyzed all existing studies with good internal validity that compared programs initially using and not using anti-psychotics, with follow-up of at least a year, and found that outcomes slightly favored programs that started treatment without anti-psychotics.
Among the four CNS drug groups, high numbers of prescriptions per recipient, and high payment per prescription led to the highest payments per recipient for anti-psychotics, regardless of eligibility group.

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