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Referring to any device or maneuver intended to disable, wound, maim, or kill persons, in particular military personnel
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One per cent of INC sales during February - up to a maximum of $100,000 - will be donated to one of Heather's charities, Adopt-a-Minefield, which campaigns to ban the anti-personnel weapons.
He adds: "Combine that with the use of anti-personnel weapons such as clusterbombs and the whole enterprise is tainted." The criticism comes at a particularly sensitive time as Prime Minister Tony Blair has a key role in appointing the next Archbishop of Canterbury.
"It called on our government to take a lead in getting other governments to declare a worldwide ban on anti-personnel weapons. It was passed by a full meeting of Coventry City Council and had cross-party support."
But now the Pentagon says that the anti-personnel weapons will only be deployed there for nine years.
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