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New Hampshire will get more than $85,000 from GlaxoSmithKline PLC to settle claims it overcharged the Medicaid and Medicare programs for two anti-nausea drugs, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte announced earlier this month.
At the same time the painkillers, vaccines, contraceptives, and anti-nausea drugs that used to be a pain in the derriere have now been joined by intramuscular injections as a common alternative to oral medications when patients cannot swallow, are fasting, or have a metabolic disorder.
I did threaten the nurse-anesthetist with death if he withheld anti-nausea drugs, but aside from that brief homicidal flash, I remained calm.
This finding dovetails with more recent studies indicating [5-HT.sub.3] antagonists may serve as anti-nausea drugs. Several of these drugs are now in clinical testing to determine whether they can reduce or eliminate the debilitating nausea suffered by cancer patients on chemotherapy.
An infection may require antibiotics and chronic vertigo often needs anti-nausea drugs
Anti-nausea drugs aid the absorption of painkillers making them more effective.