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dump·ing syn·drome

the syndrome that occurs after eating, most often seen in patients with shunts of the upper alimentary canal that bypass or remove the pylorus; characterized by flushing, sweating, dizziness, weakness, and vasomotor collapse, resulting from rapid passage of large amounts of food into the small intestine, with an osmotic effect removing fluid from plasma and causing relative hypovolemia.
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Forensics A term used in 2 different contexts regarding a person’s untimely demise and disposal of the body
Homicide Dumping is an expedient for moving the body of a murder victim(s)—e.g., in the context of organised crime or drug wars
Accidental death When a drug abuser overdoses and dies, his/her friend(s), fearing legal consequences of drug abuse per se, or the potential accusations of homicide, may remove—‘dump’—the body after having first attempted resuscitation, resulting in changes to the body which themselves may mimic homicidal injuries
Gastroenterology See Dumping syndrome
Managed care, ethics Patient dumping The practice, often by private, for-profit hospitals, of transferring indigent, uninsured patients to other, usually public, hospitals for economic reasons; patient-transfer guidelines and laws are generally limited to cases of ‘unstable’ emergencies and women in active labour
Surgery See Dumping syndrome
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Medical ethics Patient dumping The practice, often by private, for-profit hospitals, of transferring indigent, uninsured Pts to other, usually public, hospitals for economic reasons; Pt-transfer guidelines and laws are generally limited to cases of 'unstable' emergencies and ♀ in active labor. Cf 'Anti-dumping' laws Surgery See Dumping syndrome.
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"The purpose of Anti-dumping Ordinance is to prevent unfair practice of price discrimination in which foreign firms sell any product in Pakistan at prices lower than they charge in their domestic markets i.e.
It should be noted that the Royal Decree 20/2015 promulgated the GCC Unified Law on Anti-Dumping and Counter-Prevailing Measures, which states that the provisions of the GCC Unified Law on Anti-dumping and Compensatory and Preventive Measures shall be applied.
Anti-dumping duties for Indian producers were far lower at 3 percent to 4.4 percent, while their anti-subsidy duties ranged from 8 percent to 29.5 percent for JSW Steel Ltd.
"This workshop is designed for the staff of the Anti-Dumping Technical Secretariat at the GCC Secretariat-General, business and financing institutions operating in the industrial sector in member countries, boards and businessmen and businesswomen of GCC chambers of commerce and industry, legal affairs departments of public and private sector's enterprises, export and import departments of public and private enterprises, consulting services offices offering consultations to industrial and commercial enterprises, law firms, diplomatic corps, and representative offices," Goic said.
He said that based on the Commission's decision, the DA through the Bureau of Customs imposed the anti-dumping duty against imported Turkish flour for a five year period.
The EBB has lodged two complaints with the Commission: the first in August 2012, calling for anti-dumping measures, and a second in November of the same year, claiming that these two countries' biodiesel exports to the EU are subsidised.
| BRUSSELS, Aug 16 (KUNA) -- The European Union Friday requested the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva to rule over a dispute concerning Chinese anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of stainless steel tubes from the EU.
An Anti-dumping review by the Australian government is investigating certain Thai imports.
20 -- Indian manufacturers of solar cells and modules would gain if the government imposes an anti-dumping duty.
Egypt has lifted anti-dumping fees on Saudi polypropylene imports after the country found the measure was against public interest, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, assistant minister of petroleum and mineral resources, said yesterday.
CSC suggests that non-directional electrical steel coils imported from Japan enjoy zero tariffs but should be taxed 17.12% anti-dumping duties.

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