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Morbid fear of anything French
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Disruptions in the Paris leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay have fanned anti-French sentiment in China.
French fashion flourished, while anti-French sentiment, "a constant current in English society," continued unabated (256).
Knee-jerk anti-French sentiment? Or is it what engineers and computer scientists call "not invented here" syndrome?
Some of the negative coverage mentioned by Dave McIntyre ("Rolland's Mark on Virginia," March 2007) is doubtless jealousy, tinged with latent anti-French sentiment that seems to pervade the U.S.
They've succeeded in defusing anti-French sentiment in critically important sectors such as defense and aerospace, and Airbus is holding its own with U.S.
When images of bloodied youths allegedly mauled down by bullets from French soldiers were broadcast on TV, the anti-French sentiment hit an all-time high.
NYT's Thomas Friedman captures the anti-French sentiment in his column: "It's time we as Americans came to terms with something: France is not just our annoying ally.
Anti-French sentiment swept across the US following the French government's staunch opposition to the war in Iraq.
After winning the Nasdaq-100 Open for the second year in a row, Williams was asked about anti-French sentiment in the United States stemming from the war in Iraq.
ANTI-FRENCH sentiment in the US could be a factor behind increasing demand for Welsh bottled water on the other side of the Atlantic.
I don' t think it was anti-French sentiment, more a sense of backing the underdog.
M Foccart reveals that in August 1959, as Gen De Gaulle set off to visit french-speaking African countries, he advised the President to change his itinerary at the last minute, and to begin his state visit by going to the friendlier capitals of Antanananarivo, Brazzaville and Abidjan first, instead of starting in Dakar and Conakry where there was a strong anti-French sentiment.