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(ant'hel-min'tik, an-thel-),
1. An agent that destroys or expels intestinal worms. Synonym(s): anthelminthic, antihelminthic, helminthagogue, helminthic (2) , helmintic (2) , vermifuge
2. Having the power to destroy or expel intestinal worms. Synonym(s): vermifugal
[anti- + G. helmins, worm]


, anthelminthic, antihelmintic (ant?hel-min'tik) (-thik) (ant?i-) [ anti- + helminthic]
1. Purging or destroying parasitic worms.
2. An agent that purges or destroys parasitic worms. Synonym: vermicide
Synonym: helminthagogue

Anthelminthic (also spelled anthelmintic)

A type of drug or herbal preparation given to destroy parasitic worms or expel them from the body.
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