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(ē'ros, ār'os),
In psychoanalysis, the life principle representing all instinctual tendencies toward procreation and life. See also entries under instinct Compare: thanatos.
[G. love]
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(ĕr′ŏs′, îr′-)
a. Psychiatry Sexual drive; libido.
b. The sum of all instincts for self-preservation.
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psychoanalysis The life principle representing all instinctual tendencies toward procreation and life.
[G. love]
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No matter, that should set up Anteros nicely for this Grade Three, especially as there is likely to be a fair bit of give in the Esher terrain.
Masato Pearls created the Anteros Collection with the goal of bringing the exceptional beauty of precious gems and metals to consumers at an affordable price.
Aricia anteros anteros is an Irano-Turanian species distributed locally from Lebanon to North Iran, Caucasus, Turkey, and the Balkan Peninsula (Hesselbarth et al.
Cooper also sheds light on twenty-eight dizains, called Difiinitions du vray amour, which feature a cyclical debate between Eros and Anteros.
"Eros and the Phantasms of Hereos" Eros & Anteros: The Medica/Traditions of Love in the Renaissance, eds.
But I was wondering if any of your readers have heard the story that the sculptor's creator, Sir Alfred Gilbert, felt that the statue was more symbolic of Eros's brother, Anteros. I read somewhere that Eros was the god of carnal love, whereas Anteros was the god of selfless, philanthropic love.
He goes so far as to say that the book is 'ein Denkmal, demEros and Anteros errichtet'.
"Anteros," unkindly or cruel love, is a pervasive malady always capable of distorting the affective life.
Another large-scale mythology--or perhaps mythological allegory--to be brought into focus by the exhibition is the Venus and Mercury with Eros and Anteros from the Uffizi.
por el gran dios y por Anteros, y por el que lleva el halcon en su cabeza, y por las siete estrellas, que, desde el momento que haya compuesto esto, no duerma Sextilio, hijo de Dionisia, que se queme enloquecido, que no duerma ni encuentre descanso ni hable, sino que me tenga a mi, Septima, hija de Amena, en su mente; que se queme enloquecido de amor y deseo por mi, que el alma y el corazon de Sextilio, hijo de Dionisia, se abrase de amor y deseo por mi, Septima, hija de Amena.

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