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Forward displacement of a vertebral body with respect to the vertebral body immediately below it, due to congenital anomaly, degenerative change, or trauma.
Synonym(s): spondylolisthesis.
[antero- + G. olisthēsis, a slipping]
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The radiographs revealed severe anterior intervertebral disc space narrowing with 25% anterolisthesis of the vertebral body of C5 upon C6.
This paper describes the diagnosis, clinical course and treatment of two patients with atypical forms of SC, one associated with an anterolisthesis and the other with SC calcification.
19) concluded, in regard to LBP that disc degeneration is common and is sometimes related to low back pain and that protrusion of the disc, changes in the endplate, and lumbar anterolisthesis is "strongly associated with seeking care for LBP.
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