anterior tibial artery

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an·te·ri·or tib·i·al ar·ter·y

origin, popliteal; branches, posterior and anterior tibial recurrent, lateral and medial anterior malleolar, lateral tarsal, medial tarsal, arcuate, dorsal metatarsal, and dorsal digital; continues distal to ankle joint as dorsalis pedia artery.
Synonym(s): arteria tibialis anterior [TA]

anterior tibial artery

one of two divisions of the popliteal artery, arising in back of the knee, dividing into six branches, and supplying various muscles of the leg and foot. Branches are the posterior tibial recurrent, anterior tibial recurrent, lateral anterior malleolar artery, medial anterior malleolar artery, lateral malleolar rete, and medial malleolar rete. Compare posterior tibial artery.

an·te·ri·or tib·i·al ar·te·ry

(an-tēr'ē-ŏr tib'ē-ăl ahr'tĕr-ē)
Origin, popliteal; branches, posterior and anterior tibial recurrent, lateral and medial anterior malleolar, dorsalis pedis, lateral tarsal, medial tarsal, arcuate, dorsal metatarsal, and dorsal digital.
Synonym(s): arteria tibialis anterior.

anterior tibial artery

branch of the popliteal artery; becomes more superficial in the distal anterior lower leg; it supplies anterior-compartment muscles; it can be palpated as the anterior tibial pulse; it passes into the foot to form the dorsalis pedis artery (Figure 1)
Figure 1: Pulses in the lower limb and foot.
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Next, the anterior tibial artery is identified by palpating the area between the extensor hallucis longus tendon (which is evident on dorsiflexion of the first toe) and extensor digitorum longus muscle.
The neurovascular structures course anterior to the interosseous membrane and include the anterior tibial artery and vein and the deep branch of the common peroneal nerve.
With flexion of the knee, the anterior tibial subluxation that is created with the internal rotation will reduce as the pull of the iliotibial band moves posterior to the joint.
49,50) The anterior tibial flange aims to reduce postoperative heterotopic ossification and soft tissue adherence.
The ACL extends in an inferior, anterior, and medial direction from its origin on the inner surface of the posterior, lateral femoral condyle to its insertion on the anterior tibial plateau anterior to the tibial spines between the attachments of the medial and lateral menisci and beneath the transverse ligament.
The external iliac artery was involved in 2 patients in the diabetic group, and there was significant involvement of the anterior tibial, posterior tibial, popliteal, and dorsalis pedis arteries in this group.
Although the interventions that you have tried so far have all been appropriate in treating anterior tibial pain, I would strongly recommend that you see a sports medicine physician to make sure of your diagnosis and your bone density status.
The hamstrings should counteract knee recurvatum and prevent anterior tibial translation, but the hamstrings in these athletes are typically weak.
Increased tibial slope has been shown to lead to a larger anterior tibial translation via stress to the knee joint, and consequently inducing stretching and rupture of the ACL (Dejour and Bonnin, 1994; Griffin et al.
Their study showed that the proximal portion of the tendon received blood from the anterior tibial artery, while the distal portion received blood from the medial tarsal artery.
A KT-1000 arthrometer (MEDmetric Corporation, San Diego, CA) was used to measure anterior tibial translation in both knees.

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