digastric muscle

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di·gas·tric mus·cle

(dī-gas'trik mŭs'ĕl)
1. One of the suprahyoid group of muscles consisting of two bellies united by a central tendon that is connected to the body of the hyoid bone; origin, by posterior belly from the digastric groove medial to the mastoid process; insertion, by anterior belly into lower border of mandible near midline; action, elevates the hyoid when mandible is fixed; depresses the mandible when hyoid is fixed; nerve supply, posterior belly from facial, anterior belly by nerve to the mylohyoid from the mandibular division of trigeminal.
2. A muscle with two fleshy bellies separated by a fibrous insertion;
Synonym(s): musculus digastricus [TA] .

digastric muscle

Neck muscle with two bellies. Origin: anterior belly attaches to the digastric fossa in mandible at base of anterior midline, posterior belly attaches to mastoid process. Insertion: tendon connecting both bellies in a loop of fascia that is attached to hyoid bone. Nerve: anterior belly -- trigeminal (CN V), posterior belly -- facial (CN VII). Action: lowers mandible and raises hyoid bone.
See: neck for illus.
See also: muscle
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They are usually placed bilaterally on the skin overlying the mid-masseter, anterior temporalis, posterior temporalis and anterior digastric muscle.
that the C1 and C2 dorsal horns receive extensive primary afferent inputs from the lateral aspect of the face and from nerves of the craniofacial muscles such as those of the mandibular division of cranial nerve V supplying the masseter, temporalis, and anterior digastric muscles.
Comparative anatomic study of mandibular growth in rats after bilateral resections of superficial masseter, posterior temporal, and anterior digastric muscles.

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