anterior axillary line

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an·te·ri·or ax·il·lar·y line

a vertical line extending inferiorly from the anterior axillary fold.
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an·te·ri·or ax·il·lar·y line

(an-tēr'ē-ŏr ak'sil-ar-ē līn) [TA]
A vertical line extending inferiorly from the anterior axillary fold.
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After the camera port was placed from posterior axillary line 8th ICS, right arm were placed from line 5th ICS and anterior axillary line, left arm were placed from the 8th ICA and posterior axillary line with the help of 30 degrees camera in a way to have at least 10 cm between each other [Figure 3].
"CD" is defined as the curved distance on skin from the midline of the sternal bone to the anterior axillary line (AAL) on the lateral chest wall through the horizontal level on inferior mammary fold.
V5: at the horizontal level of V4, anterior axillary line (or midway between V4 and V6 if the anterior axillary line is not well defined)
We use 10 mm port to the right of midline below the costal margin and two 5 mm port in the anterior axillary line at the line at the level of umbilicus.
Prophylactic use of antibiotics, parenteral nutrition, somatostatin, and narcotic drugs were used if needed according to the Chinese Acute Pancreatitis Practice Guideline.[sup][3] For patients in LHD group, LHD ointment, 50 g/application, was immediately applied from the xiphoid to the pubic symphysis, between the anterior axillary lines, covering the projection on the body surface of pancreas.
Two 5mm trocars were introduced in the left mid-clavicular and left anterior axillary lines. A grasper was introduced through the anterior axillary cannula to hold the fundus of the gallbladder and it was pushed laterally to the cephalic position.
Other port sites were varied according to the cyst location but were usually placed in the epigastrium (10 mm) and in the midclavicular line and anterior axillary lines (5 mm).

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