ansa hypoglossi

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 [an´sah] (pl. an´sae) (L.)
a looplike structure.
ansa cervica´lis a nerve loop in the neck attached in front and above to the hypoglossal nerve and behind to the upper cervical spinal nerves. Its hypoglossal attachment is misleading since this part of the loop ultimately rejoins the upper spinal nerves. Called also ansa hypoglossi.
ansa of Henle Henle's loop.
ansa hypoglos´si ansa cervicalis.
ansa lenticula´ris a small nerve fiber tract arising in the globus pallidus and joining the anterior part of the ventral thalamic nucleus.
ansa nephro´ni Henle's loop.
an´sae nervo´rum spina´lium loops of spinal nerves joining the anterior spinal nerves.
ansa peduncula´ris peduncular loop: a complex grouping of nerve fibers connecting the amygdaloid nucleus, piriform area, and anterior hypothalamus, and various thalamic nuclei.
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an·sa hy·po·glos·'si

obsolete term for ansa cervicalis.
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